Gyga, early band of Alkaline Trio's Derek Grant, releases archival recordings
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Gyga, the "anti-human powerviolence" band of Alkaline Trio drummer Derek Grant, has released a pair of archival albums representing their entire musical output. Both were recorded in the mid-1990s, when Grant was also a member of the Suicide Machines. Demo 1996 combines a remastered version of the band's 1996 demo tape with an unreleased practice recording from 1998, plus two "proto-Gyga" songs from when the band was known as Abaddon. Single File Suicide, consisting of 20 songs in 19 minutes, was recorded in 1997 but has been newly remixed by Grant; the digital version includes the video retrospective "Visual Sacrifice" consisting of footage from 1999 and 2011. Check out the band below.