Seth Anderson: On the Road to Fest - Diary 5

Seth Anderson is going to Fest. The Calgary-based singer/songwriter, signed to Joey Cape's One Week Records, is on the road touring with labelmate Yotam Ben-Horin of Useless ID. They're headed across the U.S. on a journey of self-discovery and rock'n'roll, making the month-long trek to Gainesville, Florida to appear at The Fest. As they make the voyage, Seth'll be sharing his road diary with & Some Party. This is entry five in our series.

Tour Diary #5: Farewell West Coast - Sept. 31, 2017

Before heading for the desert, we had one last show keeping us on the beautiful Pacific coast. Being there is like floating in a dream. The views on our drive from Los Angeles to Encinitas seemed to stop the giant clicking hand of time. The pristine blue, sun-filled skies lighting the golden beaches, outlined by what seemed like endless miles of a singular white-capped wave, waiting to be ridden, though never tamed, harnessed for as long as Mother Nature would allow. To see the ocean, was to feel it. Rhythm. Power. Calm. Tumultuous energy. We would see Brian Wahlstrom there, who is a co-owner of One Week Records. He had just returned from a label European Tour with Joey Cape, Zach Quinn, and Donald Spence. Most who are reading this would know him from his successes in the punk rock world, but they have come on the back of a career as an opera singer which has taken him around the world. His wife also shares the same profession, and conveniently there is a venue for them in their beautiful beach town. His mentor was performing that night. And so we went after our early show. Imagine a high school house party where someone picks up an acoustic guitar and starts playing some Bon Jovi for everyone, except it is an amazing Italian restaurant, full of adults and professional opera singers doing ty entertaining. Add a little bit of alcohol and you've got magic. I lost count of the number of times goosebumps arose along with all the hairs on the back of my neck. It was beautiful.

To commemorate a great night of cultural enlightenment, I went surfing in the morning to be returned to my place amongst the peasants, receiving numerous pummellings from the repetitive sets of beach break. Surfing is not my thing, but maybe one day. More than the thrill of riding a wave, I was searching for a final cleansing from the west coast waters.

As we go through life facing highs and lows, to eventually with any luck, fall in the middle with balance, our carefree week in California of with news of the tragic events which took place that night in Las Vegas….

Album Pick:
Beach Boys - Full Catalogue