Folk rock artist Frank Turner have announced his forthcoming album titled Songbook. Songbook compiles songs from his extensive catalogue with addition to 10 brand new re-imagined versions of some of his well-loved songs and one brand new track, "There She Is". Songbook comes out on November24th on CD/Digital and on December 15th on Vinyl/Boxset through Xtra Mile. See below for track listing and album art.

Track list

Four Simple Words
I Still Believe
The Next Storm
The Road – Songbook Version
Long Live The Queen
Glorious You
Plain Sailing Weather
I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous
Wessex Boy
The Opening Act Of Spring
Polaroid Picture
If Ever I Stray
The Way I Tend To Be
The Ballad Of Me and My Friends
Get Better
There She Is

Polaroid Picture (Songbook version) – Re-record
The Ballad Of Me and My Friends (Songbook version) - Acoustic
Broken Piano (Songbook version) - Acoustic
Josephine (Songbook version) - Acoustic
Love 40 Down (Songbook version) - Acoustic
The Way I Tend To Be (Songbook version) - Acoustic
Glorious You (Songbook version) – Re-record
I Am Disappeared (Songbook version) - Re-record
Long Live The Queen (Songbook version) - Re-record
Photosynthesis (Songbook version) - Re-record