by Rise Videos

For their performance at FEST 16 last weekend The Flatliners played all of their album The Great Awake for its tenth anniversary. A video of the their whole set has been uploaded to YouTube. The band last released Inviting Light in 2017 via Rise Records. You can watch the video below.

Video Credit: Mike Plante

The Great Awake:

00:10 July! August! Reno!

03:31 Eulogy

07:00 …And the World Files for Chapter 11

10:55 This Respirator

13:07 Meanwhile, in Hell…

15:23 Mother Teresa Chokeslams the World

18:23 This Is Giving Up

20:58 Mastering the World’s Smallest Violin

24:52 You Guys Want One of These?

27:08 These Words Are Bullets

31:15 Hal Johnson Smokes Cigarettes

35:27 KHTDR