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An opera based upon Fugazi’s archive is set to arrive the small stage. It’s All True is a 100-minute performance set to hit New York City February 8-25th. While it contains no actual Fugazi’s songs the troupe, named Object Collective, pulled from Fugazi’s tonal quality of feedback, ‘noodling,’ and stage banter. When approached for the project, Guy Picciotto commented that, “…they contacted us to have permission to use the material, we answered yes without much curiosity as it is our loose, general policy to let non-corporate, non-commercial artists have access to our stuff for whatever creative projects they might have in mind. Sometimes the work is interesting, sometimes not, but the point is to let people engage with our stuff as a raw material if that work seems to be coming from an exploratory place.” Upon hearing the work, Picciotto continues, “All of us were both blown away and disoriented by the work - it was well beyond anything we had anticipated when agreeing to [Object Collectives’] early request. In some ways I still don’t know how to react to the work but there are many strains in what they’ve accomplished that parallel whatever ethic we might have had as a band: there is a diligent, contrarian method of working, there is a refusal to coddle sensibilities and of course there are serious politics at play.” If you are unable to make a live performance in NYC, the opera is will be released via Slip on October 6th.