Watch Not Scientists' new music video!
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Punknews is pleased to premiere Not Scientists' music video of their song "Perfect World." The track will be on the band's upcoming album Golden Staples which will be out on April 13, 2018 via Kidnap Records and Rookie Records. US preorders for the album can be found here and European preorders can be found here. You can watch the video and see the list of their European tour dates below.

I think people that are contented only by reaching perfection, or their own definition of perfection, are doomed to live a life of frustration and dissatisfaction. Nothing is ever good enough because in many cases perfection isn’t obtainable or just doesn’t exist. I believe in doing your best to achieve your goals, but sometimes the little accidents and imperfections are the things that can lead to greatness. Punk rock is a great example of that. - Ed, lead vocalist

25.04.18AachenWild Rover
26.04.18Osnabrückbastard club
28.04.18ZwickauRoad Zen concert for all #2
01.05.18B NijlenJH KROENKE
2.05.18DüsseldorfThe Tube
04.05.18Rastattart can Robert
20.07.18CH Gommeropen ai