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D.O.A. founder and singer Joey Keithley is once again running for political office. This time he is running for running for mayor of Burnaby, British Columbia. Keitley's platform includes plans to increase affordable housing, freeze property taxes for a minimum of two years, institute term limits for elected officials, and make Burnaby a more sustainable and greener city. Keithley stated, "Today I’m letting people know that I am running to be the Mayor of Burnaby, my hometown. I am running for the Burnaby Civic Green Party. I am going to fight for grassroots democracy where everybody’s voice is heard! I will put a stop to the heartless Demovictions that are a disgrace to Burnaby, BC and Canada. The Burnaby Greens will work towards making Burnaby a greener and more sustainable city. We will also do whatever it takes to stop the Kinder Morgan Pipeline expansion.. “It is time for a fresh start in Burnaby. People distrust politicians, and I would say with good reason… because they don’t listen to the voters."