Church Girls: "No Patience"
by Music

We are pleased to bring to you a Punknews Exclusive premiere for Philly rock band, Church Girls. The new track is called "No Patience" and the track will be released on the band's upcoming EP titled Cycles. The album was produced by Scott Solter (The Mountain Goats, Okkervil River, Superchunk) and will be out on January 25th, 2019 through Chatterbot Records, you can click here to pre-order the album. See below to listen to the new track and to view a quote from the band.

"The song is about understanding that direct, open communication is paramount, but sometimes we still avoid it because it's uncomfortable. That line reflects that the costs of not having a necessary conversation often outweigh those of simply having it, and entropy is the natural path of all relationships. But sometimes we'll just let things self-destruct anyways.
This track is a bit more abrasive than the rest, and it happened pretty naturally. Everyone in the current lineup is into aggressive music, so we started playing the songs more aggressively live. The crowd responded and it became a recurring cycle. We wanted to reflect that feeling more in our recordings. I've always loved seeing bands that put it all out there. It's cathartic and taps into something primal that can't be expressed solely with words, which is why I think music is so universally powerful."
- Mariel Beaumont