World/Inferno to re-release 'Just the Best Party,' re-unite lineup for one show only

World/Inferno Friendship Society is going to re-release their 2002 album, Just the Best Party. The release will be remixed and remastered, given new art, and will be out via Vibromonk Studios and Gern Blandsten Records on CD and vinyl.

Meanwhile, the band will also reunite that lineup for a single show on May 11 at the Music Hall of Williamsburg (Formerly North6 where the band recorded their live album years ago). The lineup will include Jack Terricloth, Benjy, Lucky, Semra, Dan, Maura, Peter, Yula, Franz, Ken, Greg Daly, and "a Giant Cat."

Meanwhile, the current formation of the band is working on a new album, expected out via Alternative Tentacles later this year. Also meanwhile, the current form of the band is playing a special, intimate matinee in Philly on February 23 and Punknews is hosting it…