Kitty Kat Fan Club: "Dreamy Little You"
by Videos

Feline loving indie/punk band Kitty Kat Fan Club released a music video for their new track "Dreamy Little You". The track will be released on their debut album of the same name. Dreamy Little You is due out May 31, 2019 on Asian Man Records. Kitty Kat Fan Club features members of Just Friends, Hard Girls, Skankin' Pickle, Ogikubo Station, Stickup Kid and much more. See below to check out the new track.

Track listing
1.Dreamy Little You
2.I'm Loving You More Than I Should
3.Every Island
4.Send Me A Message For The Holidays
5.Happy Now, Loving You
6.Bet and Me
7.You Got Me Modernized
8.There's Something Better They Keep Telling Me
9.I Could Be The One
10.I Never Trained For A Marathon Before
11.This Curtain Call
12.Giving Up The Worries For A Chance To Believe