Harley Flanagan

Last night, Harley Flanagan revealed that he is recording a new Cro-Mags album with producer Arthur Rizk. This wil be the first Cro-Mags album since 2000's Revenge and follows Flanagan retaking the Cro-Mags mark in a legal settlement with vocalist John Joseph. (Joseph now fronts the band "Cro-Mags JM").

Flanagan stated: "Had great day of production yesterday working on the new Cro-Mags album with my man Arthur Rizk. I can honestly say some of it sounds like if Cro-Mags would have written Master of puppets! There are parts of it that remind me of Metallica meets Minor Threat, and there are parts of it that remind me of Bad Brains meet Metallica And yet all of it sounds like Cro-Mags." Flanagan released Hard-Core [EP] in 2018.