Over 170 musicians have banded together to call for a boycott of Amazon Festivals and Events. As Reported by Rolling Stone, the musicians state that "Amazon continues to provide the technical backbone for ICE’s human rights abuses." The have four demands to end the boycott: Terminate existing contracts with military, law enforcement, and government agencies (ICE, CBP, ORR) that commit human rights abuses; Stop providing Cloud services & tools to organizations (such as Palantir) that power the US government’s deportation machine; End projects that encourage racial profiling and discrimination, such as Amazon’s facial recognition product; Reject future engagements w/ aforementioned bad actors."

Musicans signing the bill include Downtown Boys, Jeff Rosenstock, Ted Leo, Guy Picciotto of Fugazi, Deerhoof, Drill, Katie Alice Greer of Priests, Pinkwash and a whole lot more. See the Call to boycott here.