SNST: "White Collar Villian"
by Music

We are pleased to bring to you a Punknews Exclusive premiere for Alternative electronic band SNST. The band features Chris Broach of Braid, Sonja Broach and The Firebird Band. They have been steadily been releasing singles throughout 2019. Today, we present to you their latest titled "White Collar Villian", see below to listen to the track and read a quote about the track.

"The theme is that it's tough to get by in world today - where there's no middle class and people are evangelized as true Americans for working multiple jobs to support their families. Having money gets you into and out of anything. In the breakdown we've had enough…. we're basically burning crosses like Madonna in 'Like a Prayer"… ha ha! It symbolizes how an idealistic idea of the world can starts unravel in the reality of what the world is."