Misfits to play Mexico's Domination fest in May 2020

For the past few days, various reports of a The Misfits show in Mexico were leaked. Last night, Clutch stated that the show would take palce. They stated " Mexico City!!! Awwww yeah! It’ll be great to finally meet you. We’re coming for the tacos and staying for the Misfits! Stoked and honored to play Domination on May 2, 2020. #dominationfestival #mexicocity #finally #originalmisfits #misfits #danzig".

Shortly thereafter, the festival facebook site updated their posts to include the Misfits poster. (You can see that here. This show follows a Misfits show that occured last weekend in Philadelphia.

The show will also include Nightwish, Blue Oyster Cult, Testament, and other metal acts. You can see an embed of Cluth's instagram statement below.