Harley Flanagan

Last year, Harley Flanagan of the Cro-Mags announced that the band would release their first album in 20 years in 2020. It looks like that will indeed be the case. On Instagram, Flanagan revealed that the album is completed and that at least some copies have already been pressed. The LP is expected to be released via Victory records. On the release, the band's lineup is expected to consist of: Flanagan, Garry Sullivan, Rocky George, and Gabby Abularach

Flanagan stated: "I listened to the new Cro-Mags album three times in a row last night and I think this might be the best record I've ever done!!! I can't wait for you all to hear it!!! ;) This is going to be a great year for me!!! Hard work and perseverance pays off!!!"

The band recently released two EPs which were the first Cro-mags releases in 19 years: From the Grave [EP] and Don’t Give In [EP] .