Airstream Futures: "Cemetery Sparrow"
by Music

We are pleased to bring to you the newest single from Chicago based alt-punk four piece Airstream Futures. The track is called "Cemetery Sparrow" and it will be released on their upcoming new album, Le Feu Et Le Sable, which is a follow up to their 2017 debut release Spirale Infernale. The album will be out on Little Rocket Records, and it available now for pre-order through the band's bandcamp page or the labels's website. Rodrigo Palma of Saves the Day and Derek Grant of Alkaline Trio produced the album. See below to check out "Cemetery Sparrows".

“Cemetery Sparrow” is about experiencing the unrelenting assault of suicidal thoughts when you’re depressed. It’s like a damn bird outside your window chirping at 4 a.m. that won’t stop. The idea sprang from a collaboration with Mike (Soucy, Drummer) of collective experiences with depression, annoying birds, and a walk through an old cemetery."