by Drive-Thru

Long Island punk band The Movielife have broken up. Click READ MORE to read the band's full statement.

Mon September 29, 2003 10:36:50 AM
I apologize for the delay in posting a statement about what has gone on in the last few days. Hopefully the following letter will say what would have been too difficult to announce any other way.

Today we are officially announcing that we have all mutually decided to stop being the Movielife. It has been the most incredible experience for all of us, but we have no plans to continue being a band. We care greatly for one another and wish each other the best that life can bring.

We want to thank everyone who has allowed us to be a part of their life. Every show and every person's effect on us has been immeasurable. We hope that we have created something that will continue to live and breathe like music should. It is difficult to find the words to explain the magnitude of various emotions we have all gone through recently. It also is difficult to make others understand how we have evaluated our futures.

The beauty of everything though has been the amount we have been able to share with all of you. All of our lives have forever been changed once we made this band our life. Every sacrifice has been worth it. You have all been our heart for so long and we are forever gracious for all that you have allowed us to become. We have been incredibly fortunate to have so many of our dreams come true. The only feeling that has surpassed that is the honor that it has been to share it with all of you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Take care of one another. Love Always.
The Movielife.