Watch Audrey Crash of Ex-Friends stream a live set at 4pm est today!!!!

We're continuing our Lockdown Freakout series! In the series, we stream live performances to you in the comfort of your own quarantine zone so you can get the feel of going out without leaving your six-foot safety bubble!

Today at 4pm est, we're bringing you a full live set from Audrey Crash! Audrey Crash was in Ex-Friends, Pushin it 2 the limit, and has even appeared on a few Dead Milkmen releases! She'll be playing in solo style and will kick out some orignal,s some covers, and some surprises! Be sure to stop back at 4pm EST today to see them kick it live!

Then, be sure to stop back later this week for some more Lockdown Freakout episodes! On Friday at 4pm, Omnigone (which is headed by Adam Davis of Link 80 and Gnarboots will play direct from his house in the bay area! Next Monday, Catbite will kick out a set of kick ass ska in a duo-style at 4pm EST! We'll see you then! (Stolen Wheelchairs, who were going to play this Friday, will be back to play in early April!)