Lovesick Bombs: "Out of Luck"
by Videos

We are pleased to bring to you another Punknews Exclusive premiere for the collaborative art and music collective, Lovesick Bombs. We have the new lyric video for their track "Out Of Luck", see below. The video was created with cameos by a few cute kitten to help you forget the thought of living in Covid-19 times. This track accompany's an art print that was created by John Decampo aka Ghost Bat. The track and official art print will officially be out on May 26th, 20, you can click here to view and pick up the art and track.

Living in NYC with the Covid-19 crisis, I chose to deviate the imagery for the video away from the original intention of the song & art and just bring some easy lightness to anyone who might watch it. I actually ended up really liking the vast difference between the darkness projected in words set against happy baby kittens. Hope you don't find it too stupid, I just couldn't double down on the art and song's feeling that we are pretty screwed with our current Mad King in power with the current mess we are in today. - JR