High: "Too Hot"
by Music

We are pleased to bring to you a Punknews exclusive premiere for Toronto based reggae punks High. The new single is called "Too Hot" and it will be released on the band's upcoming EP titled The Okay. The release will be out next month. See below to check out the single and a quote from the band about the track.

"Dealing with issues or mental health challenges can be tough. "Too Hot" touches on the fact that self-medication often feels like the easy way out, but is guaranteed to end up making things a heck of a lot worse. You know when you party with your friends, and that's fun, and then you're partying all the time with your friends, and it's not as fun, and then you're partying by yourself, and if you're being honest it's there's very little fun being had, and then you're not having fun at all but just getting messed up because it's all you know now? Yeah, that." - Richard Howard