Sic N Mad: "Punk Rock Papa"
by Music

We are pleased to bring to you a brand new track from Sic N Mad. The track is called "Punk Rock Papa" and was created for a friend who was a great punk rock dad, see quote and the track below. The recording was done at Marc Critelli's studio in New Jersey, whom has worked on The Slackers previously. Sic N Mad contains Vic Ruggiero, Marcus and Ara, members of The Slackers, Sammy Kay and Happy as the main song writer. The band has limited edition Lathe cuts and split cassette tapes with Omega Jackson.

Punk Rock Papa is a song Happy wrote about a co-worker he immediately became very tight with who the record is dedicated to (Michael Musick) They instantly clicked when Michael showed Happy a skanking skelton tattoo he had. Happy was so inspired by what a dedicated father he was, how much he loved his daughter and how much he spoke about her. Michael passed away about a year ago but he did hear the song and was a big fan of The Slackers and Sammy Kay so he really appreciated it, the song was played at Michael's funeral.