Harley Flanagan

This week, Harley Flanagan gave some more details on current Cro-Mags activity. Apparently, a new track called "Cro-Mags 2020" is already recorded and the band will release it sometime this year. The band is also working on a new album which follows In the Beginning from earlier this year. That new LP is expected out sometime next year.

On social Media, Flanagan said: "We did the one Quarantine show on March 15th that was seen all over the world and then my drummer GMan got stuck in NYC because of the travel ban. So we recorded "Cro-Mags 2020" which will be available before the end of the year as well as the basic tracks for next years album which i will continue working on until then. I am really happy with "Cro-Mags 2020" I think it is the perfect follow up to "In the Beginning" and it really captures the madness of this year both lyrically and musically."