In 2017, a mysterious entity purchased the LA Weekly and then fired nearly the entire staff. After pressure, the new owners, who had tried to keep themselves secret, revealed themselves to be people who had ties to various right and far-right organizations. The new owners also had ties to the Claremont Institute.

Specifically, Brian Calle was hired to run the "new" LA Weekly. Calle was an Officer at the Claremont Institute.At that time, according to the Claremont institute website, their mission included: " The Claremont Institute has identified the principles that will be necessary to defeat progressivism. We teach the principles of the American Founding, and their application today, to the brightest young conservative men and women who will, with our help, go on to positions of power and influence in government, the courts, academia, and the media."

Later, In 2018, the Village Voice shut down. Recently, a new owner purchased the Village Voice from the prior owner Peter Barbey. Barbey shut the Voice down after three years at the head of the publication. The new owner is Street Media, the parent company of the LA Weekly. The CEO of Street Media is Brian Calle.

Calle has stated that the new Village Voice will have a quarterly print edition and will return online.