Mannequin Vanity Records release 'How To Be Vain 6'
by Music

San Diego based folk/punk label Mannequin Vanity Records is releasing their 6th compilation sampler titled How To Be Vain 6, it includes a sampling for their current roster of world folk/punk bands. The release is out a few days early exclusively through Punknews, see below. The 12 song digital comp is available for free on January 6th, 2021.


1. “Last Call” Brick Top Blaggers
2. “Pirate des Champs” Barbar’O’Rhum
3. “Let’s Hit The Road” The Late Great Charlie Borski
4. “Best Amigos” BJ Jezbera
5. “Linoleum” Clint Westwood (NOFX Cover)
6. “More White House Blues” MohaviSoul
7. “On A Train” Steve & Ginie Jackson
8. “Holly” BJ Jezbera
9. “Eric” BandàpArt
10. “La La” QUEL BORDEL!
11. “Le Poulpe” BandàBordel
12. “Blinding Lights” Jacquou Jazz