Dead Kennedys say they don't actually support Romney... their social media person does

Late Wednesday evening, the current incarnation of Dead Kennedys (East Bay Ray, Klaus Fluoride, DH Peligro, Skip McSkipster) appeared to post a tweet saluting Mitt Romney. That tweet stated: "Thank you @SenatorRomney and @EvanMcMullin Mitt cares about the the USA." The post surprised many people, including former Dead Kennedys singer Jello Biafra who criticized the DK's statement.

Well, last night, the Dead Kennedy account and East Bay Ray stated that they didn't actually support Romney. Rather, they stated that their social media account person posted the statement without consulting the band first. They did not name the social media person. The DKs and East Bay Ray stated: "The Tweet yesterday was solely the Social Media Managers view and not the band, who wasn’t consulted. Like everyone who was watching the events unfold yesterday, it was nice to see the rats leaving the ship." You can see the DK and Ray tweets below.