Watch Summer Soiree 4 with Danbert Nobacon, Crazy & the Brains, and Maura Weaver RIGHT NOW!!!

Punknews Summer Soiree 4 is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

Every year at Punknews, we throw the Summer Soiree which is a fun concert that happens in Philadelphia. Obviously, this summer's show was slightly delayed, so we are throwing it now, online and into the comfort of your own home!

This year's lineup is cracking!

We've got Danbert Nobacon of anarcho-punk icons Chumbawamaba headlining along with Kira Woof Cramer and Anna Dooley! They'll be playing some tunes from the FANTASTIC new Mesmerica album and doing some other surpirses! Also, it's Danbert's birthday TODAY, so be sure to wish him a great day!

Before that, Crazy and the Brains, New Jersey's best art-freak-punkers will tear through a wild, psychedelic set. They'll be busting out some tunes from their amazing Where the Juice Drips EP and also kicking out some classic hits!

And the show opens with the resplendent Maura Weaver of Mixtapes, Ogikubo Station, and Direct Hit! Maura will be playing an awesome, wide ranging set that includes some of her earliest tunes and some brand new jaw droppers!

AND, the whole show is hosted by Doorman extraordinaire, Karabo! If you've ever been to one of our Philly shows, then you already know the man with the smile on his face that lets you into the place! That's RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW and you can watch the whole show below! GO!

Big thanks to Danbert, Kira, Anna, Crazy and the Brains, Maura, and Karabo! And thanks to YOU for watching! Let's all be safe and smart so we can back to the physical realm for Sumer Soiree 5 sometime this upcoming Fall!

You can check out Danbert's music right here!

You can check out Crazy and the Brains' music right here!

You can check out just SOME of Maura's music right here!

See ya… in the Fall…???