In honor of the twentieth anniversary of the passing of guitarist Randy Uchida, Japan's GISM have announced two streaming events.

The first one runs February 9 through 12 and the second one runs February 10 through 13. Each program is being billed as a sort of workshop or conference. The first day includes discussions with Dwid Hellion of Integrity, Damian Abraham of Fucked Up, John McEntire of Tortoise and others. The second day includes discussions with Jerry A of Posion Idea, Rennie Jaffe of Relapse Records records, and others. Each day also appears to include a live performance of G.I.S.M. as well as other performances. The band has stated that each film runs about six hours.

That's available via the Dommune streaming platform. The band re-issued the very rare Detestation in 2020.