Nat James Rufus: 'Goes Solow'
by Music

Nat James Rufus (of Blacklist Royals) has branched out and ventured off into self-releasing a surf rock solo album. The release is called Goes Solow and it will be out on February, 26th, 2021 (Next week). Today we have a Punknews exclusive early premiere for the release, see below. The album is available now for pre-order digitally and on Cassette tape, click here to grab yours now.

"I never released any solo material because the singer/songwriter thing is so stale, and honestly no fun to perform. The instrumentals we do in The Bad Signs are my favorite part of the set, and when Dick Dale died I figured someone needed to keep his thing going, so I taught myself surf guitar. I'll be doing spoken word beat-poetry, maybe even lyric-versions of some of the songs during live shows - but on the cassette I tried to say it all with my guitar."