Rudimentary Peni details new LP, streams two tracks

Rudimentary Peni have detailed their first release in 13 years. It's called Great War and it's out April 23, 2021. Apparently, the material was actually recorded some time ago. According to the label. the release was "Recorded several years ago before Rudimentary Peni engaged in another mysterious hiatus."

The label also confirmed that they will be releasing every RP record over a span of about two years. In addition, they will release a new compilation: More EP's of RP CD (Compilation of Echoes of Anguish, The Underclass, Archaic, and No More Pain EP".

You can see the tracklist of Great War and hear the new songs below.

Great War
1.Anthem For Doomed Youth
2.Path Of Glory
3.Crimson Sun
4.Mental Cases
6.Blood For Seed
7.Soldier's Dream
8.Strange Meeting
10.The Old Lie