Rudimentary Peni
Formed in 1980, Rudimentary Peni were initially inspired by bands such as The Damned, Slaughter and the Dogs, and Discha rge. The release of their first EP in 1981 coincided with their first gig in London, with Flux Of Pink Indians.

Despite many rumours, no member of the band has ever died, (yet!) and the line up has remained constant on all the recor ded releases. Some tracks are written by Grant and some by Nick whilst others are co−written by both members.

Rather than try to keep up with any particular musical fashion or trend, Rudimentary Peni have generally just stuck to a policy of doing precisely what they want to do. This has usually taken the form of either 1977−style fast punk tracks o r 1980’s−style slower, heavier tracks, being careful to avoid any of the usual trappings of heavy metal.

From the mid 90’s onwards, the band have tended to stick to short and sweet 15 minute EPs, and because of this, only the very best tracks that they write are released. With each EP, the band try to correct the mistakes of the previous one, and this ensures that Rudimentary Peni stay within the medium,but keep on honing and improving it.