Last night, at midnight, Jeff Rosenstock released a surprise album called Ska Dream. The release is a re-recording of the No Dream album, except now all songs are ska-ified. The new version includes contributions from Jer Hunter (JER, Skatune Network, We Are The Union), Rick Johnson (Mustard Plug), Laura Stevenson, Ara Babajian (The Slackers, Leftover Crack), Boboso, Sean Bonnette (AJJ), George Clarke (Deafheaven), David Combs (Bad Moves), Chris Farren, Augusta Koch (Gladie, Cayetana), Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Franz Nicolay, nonregla, Elise Okusami (Oceanator), Mike Park (Bruce Lee Band, Skankin Pickle, Asian Man Records), PUP, Anika Pyle (Katie Ellen, Chumped) and Shannon Toombes.

The digital version is out now via Quote Unquote. The physical verison will be out late Summer/Early fall via Polyvinyl.