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We're thrilled to kick off your weekend with a premiere from the London, Ontario garage-punk weirdos Mononegatives. The band's linked up with Big Neck Records in the US and No Front Teeth in the UK to release their first LP, Apparatus Division. We've got your first preview of the record, the blown-out synthpunk of "Stilted Entrance." The band called it "urgently dehumanized" and I can't think of a better description. You can check it out below or at Bandcamp.


Mononegatives recorded over two days in July of 2020 at The Watershed in London, Ontario, with Preston Lobzun and Eric Altomonte engineering. The prolific Will Killingsworth (of Orchid and Bucket Full of Teeth) mastered at his Dead Air Studios. The set follows a handful of short-form releases issued in 2019, including the Cheap Heat Tour Tape, the Sure Shock 7" and the 5 Second Future digital EP.

Mononegatives is one of the many ongoing projects of London's relentless Robbie Brake. It arrives alongside recent material from the power-pop group Isölation Party, the proto-punk styled Obsoletism, and contributions to Klazo, Dong Vegan, and HEXOFFENDER among others.

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