On June 4, Sell the Heart Records and Lavasocks Records will release a comp of 19 bands covering Rancid's …And Out Come the Wolves in full. The tribute is called …And Out Come the Lawsuits and it has contributions from link 80, Omnigone, Worriers, Flying Raccoon Suit, and… Sarchasm!

Sarchasm hail from Berkeley and pull the classic Lookout! sound into a modern context. On the comp, the band takes the mega classic "Journey to the End of East Bay" head on. They keep the original's driving bassline, but add a bit more pop-punk pep to the orignal's street punk vibe. If anything, the cover shows how wide the influence of Rancid is, both sonically and conceptually.

…And Out Comes the Lawsuits is available here and here! Meanwhile, check out the cover below, right now!