Chrome to release new album

Weirdo-psyche-punkers Chrome will release a new album this Summer. It's called Scaropy and it's out August 13 via Cleopatra. In addition to having mastermind Helios Creed, the band's lineup now includes Hilary “Stench” Hanes who was Chrome’s bass player for the band’s classic ’80s albums. Tommy L. Cyborg, Aleph Omega, and Lou Minatti XIII also return to the band. You can see the track list below. The band released Feel It Like a Scientist in 2014 and Techromancy in 2017.

Scaropy track list
1. Scaropy
2. H Of Spades
3. Terminate
4. New Happy Fortune
5. Hello Sunshine
6. Night Nurse
7. Tataria
8. An Open Letter
9. Push
10. They’re Coming To Get You
11. Kilauea
12. The Opposition