Ellen Foley talks her new album, recording with the Clash, Meatloaf, and Ian Hunter

Ellen Foley has done it all. Early on in her career, the singer cut the iconic reply to Meatloaf on "Paradise by Dashboard Light." After that, she recorded an album with Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson! Then, after that, she recorded with the Clash and contributed vocals to Sandinista! and also recorded her second album, which was backed by Joe, Mick, Paul, Topper, and Tymon! And then, she went over to TV and film, appearing in Night Court, King of Comedy, Tootsie, and even PBS' Ghostwriter!

NOW, she's releasing her new solo album, Fighting Words on August 6. so, Punknews' John Gentile spoke with Foley about her insane resume. You can listen to the interview below.