Dream Nails announce new lead singer

Dream Nails have announced that Leah Kirby is their new lead vocalist. Original lead vocalist and founding member Janey Starling left the band in April. The band announced the addition of Leah Kirby in a post that reads,

We are over the moon to announce our NEW SINGER!!! Meet the newest Dream Nail, Leah Kirby (they/them) We are incredibly honoured to welcome Leah into our band - we’re massive fans of their drag act @cyrodragthing, plus they are a ridiculously talented artist, playwright, poet, dancer, activist and actor on top of that! We know you are going to absolutely LOVE seeing them bring their special and infectious energy, jokes, talent, politics and general fire onstage and off. We’ve already started working on new material and are cooking up more plans than we know what to do with. Leah will be taking over our insta on the weekend so you can get to know more about them. Welcome, Leah - we are so excited to share this with you

Dream Nails released their self-titled album in 2020.