The Undead, the band that includes former Misfits guitarist Bobby Steele, will release a Misfits covers album on August 13 via Germany's No Balls records. The album is a track-by-track of the unreleased Misfits album/Comp 12 Hits from Hell. It's called 12 hits - uncovered.

(The original 12 hits album was recorded in 1980. Midway through the recording sessions, Steele was ejected from the band and was replaced with Doyle. In 2001, there were plans to release a version of that album with both Steele's and Doyle's guitars in the mix, but that album was halted just before release, with some promo copies being sent to press outlets).

On this new release, Steele handles all instruments and vocals except drums, which are handled by Joel Gausten (also of Electric Frankenstein and Pigface).