Sex Pistols
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Near the beginning of the year, Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols announced that his biography, Lonely Boy: Tales from a Sex Pistol was being put into production for a tv mini-series called Pistol. Danny Boyle is directing and executive producing the series while Craig Pearce and Frank Cottrell Boyce co-wrote the series.

Following that, Pistols singer John Lydon stated his intention to prevent Sex Pistols recordings and compositions from being used in the series. Steve Jones and Paul cook then filed suit against Lydon and Matlock over royalty disputes and for a declaration allowing them to use the recordings and compositions.

Recently, a UK high court ruled against Lydon an found that Jones may use the compositions and recoridngs in the mini-series. In a ruling on Monday, Sir Anthony Mann found the pair were entitled to invoke “majority voting rules” against Lydon, in relation to the use of Sex Pistols material in the series, under the terms of a band member agreement. so, it appears the Sex Pistols mini-series will feature actual sex Pistols songs.