The Lawrence Arms
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The Lawrence Arms have announced that they are cancelling their Punk Rock Bowling and Fest performances due to family health concerns. A statement on their Instagram page reads,

"Hey friends, we have some news to report: we’re gonna have to miss out on Punk Rock Bowling and The Fest because of family health concerns. Nixing shows is something we never do—but hey, we agreed to these things like two years ago and the world is wacky. We’re aware that we were the best band playing these festivals… but there are some good acts left! There will be other shows for us, but until then, please take good care and do your part to get us through this Pandemic. xoxo"

Yesterday it was announced that they will be replaced with Dillinger Four at Punk Rock Bowling. In a comment on Facebook the band said that they haven't cancelled their Riot Fest performance and are "Trying to make that one work. So far, the timing and logistics are okay with that show, so fingers crossed for RF…". The Lawrence Arms released Skeleton Coast in 2020. Check out the post in full below.