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We are thrilled to bring to you an all new Punknews exclusive premiere for New Jersey pop-punkers Northvale. The band released an all new single titled “You Up?”, from their upcoming debut album titled Where We Go When There’s Nothing Left. The release is set for release early next year. See below to check out the single.

When Chris wrote the demo for “You Up?” we were all into it but not necessarily sure that it was the single. I had a few different sets of lyrics that we tried out for the song and nothing was really sticking so we kind of put it on the back burner for a bit. Then, on my way to a night out with Mike and Aren, I had a catchy hook stuck in my head. “You only need me in your lonely moments” so I showed them and then the song kind of started to get more traction within the band from there and once we heard Nick sing on it, that was when we knew this song had to be a single.

Working with Nick Thompson was a pleasure. He was so down to earth and easy to talk to. We had an Instagram chat going back and forth about the song and there weren’t even any rewrites for his part. He said something like “Hey guys, I just sent over some ideas. Let me know what you think!” and we heard it and were all stoked on it so we immediately pulled an audible and turned our focus to this song. Keith Karol - Vocals