The Difference Between: "Cold Comfort"
by Music

We are pleased to bring to you an all new Punknews Exclusive premiere for Kentucky based post-hardcore band The Difference Between. The four piece band features members of Emarosa, Softspoken and A Scent Like Wolves and they released their debut EP Detach: Envenom this past summer. Today,, we bring to you their latest single, "Cold Comfort", see below.

“The story behind this track comes both literally and metaphorically. Conceived from a recurring nightmare I had for weeks where I'm infatuated with this female ghost that only wanted to kill me. I would wake up super weirded out and have to shake it off. Playing that into the track metaphorically - "she" is my weakness, my vice. No matter how much I try it's like she's always coming for me. An overwhelming sense of dread becomes all I can feel. Ghosts and demons are the things I should let go, but they haunt me.” – Chris Roberts