Every Time I Die
by Break-ups

Every Time I Die have broken up. Jordan Buckley, Andy Williams, Stephen Micciche and Clayton “Goose” Holyoak released a joint statement announcing their departure from the band and that they had played their last show on December 11, 2021. Jordan Buckley and Andy Williams shared the joint statement on their personal Twitter accounts and it reads,

"Andy, Jordan, Steve, and Goose's last show with Every Time I Die was on December 11, 2021. While we hoped to come to an agreed upon legal statement that outlined the truth, we were informed today of something planned to be released not mutually agreed upon that consists of inaccuracies and controls a narrative to benefit one.

Tbere has been no direct communication with Keith, because it's either impossible for direct communication with him solely or we've been cut off to any and all communication by himself.

Every Time I Die was these 5 members, and we were never budging or accepting any changes. Simply, there is zero truth about the band continuing on with a new singer. Lastly we wouldn't be where we are today without every single person that's backed the band in any and all ways. While we're extremely disappointed in how this was played out online in front of you, your support and the memories we have because of you all will always be cherished.

See you soon.

Forever grateful,

Andy, Jordan, Steve, and Goose

In response Keith Buckley posted a legal document dated December 20, 2021 that concerns "a separation agreement" . The document also requests that he,

"immediately cease and desist all usage of the Band name, logo, or other intellectual property until there is a formal signed separation agreement between the parties which authorizes you to do so"

. As of now the band's Twitter and Instagram pages have been deactivated. Their website and Facebook page are still up. All future live shows have been cancelled. Underoath released a statement about their tour that is set to begin next month that reads,

"We've grown up with ETID. We've traveled the world with them. As much as we love the music they created, the men are just some of our favourites, period. As a band we've always admired (and blared) them. They're leaving a hole in music that simply won't be filled. We were looking forward to jamming with them on the Voyeurist tour next month, but new support has been locked in and is being announced Monday. We'll see you soon. Long live ETID."

Every Time I Die formed in 1998 and released nine studio albums in total with their ninth and last album being Radical that was released in 2021. See the statements in full below.