BYO catalogue added to streaming services
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Better Youth Organization, aka BYO, the label that has released albums by Youth Brigade, 7 Seconds, Agression, SNFU and many others, has brought its catalogue to streaming services. The distribution is part of a deal with Trust Records, who recently released Circle Jerks and & Seconds reissues. In a statement, BYO's Shawn Stern said: ""My brother Mark and I are excited to embark on this new chapter in BYO’s future together with Matt [Pincus] and Joe [Nelson]. They understand the importance of keeping the music and ideals of punk rock alive and available to everyone so we can all continue to inspire young and old with the DIY ethics that we have championed for over 40 years. And in these difficult and unprecedented times, it’s important work that we are happy to see them carry on in the same spirit and inspiration that fueled our vision from the beginning."