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UK based pop punk band A Few Too Many released their new EP today. The EP is called Out For The Count and is currently streaming in full on all streaming sites, see below to listen to the EP and to view a quote from the band about the release.

This EP was written during a transitional period that the band was going through, there were a lot of changes happening, both in terms of members and mindset. Some of the tracks had started taking form as early as during the 'Solid Ground' era of our career and have gone through several iterations to get to where they are today. This record marks a change in direction and it's one that we are very happy with as we feel like we've found our own sound and stamped it on it. Out For The Count marks the end of a significant chapter in the band's history as the members and the style of writing have both matured and this collection of tracks is the end result of that progression.