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We are pleased to bring to you a new Punknews Exclusive premiere for Austin, Texas based rockers Gentlemen Rogues. The band will be releasing a new 7-inch titled, Francy b/w I've Got A Match on April 1st, 2022 through Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings digitally and on a tri-color striped 7-inch vinyl. The aggressive pop band's new release is available for pre-order, click here to grab your copy. Today, we have their band new single, titled "Francy", see below.

"Francy is a power-pop, barn burner about an international romantic connection, accompanied by a language barrier, that resulted in unrequited lust. The idea for the song was born while visiting some friends in Bogotá, Colombia. There was a bar within a few minutes walking distance of my hotel that we frequented over the course of a week or so. There was a female bartender working most nights, who we all found to be very attractive. It might be worth mentioning that I speak very little Spanish, and she spoke very little English. Attempting to converse with her, even on a bartender to bar patron level, was fairly awkward. We both kept trying, regardless. We did end up learning a few things about one another and the opening line, "You got your name from a soccer game played in 1984" is a direct reference to something I learned about her. Our repeated combination of clumsy and shy interactions became a bit of a running joke, but according to my amigos she thought it was cute. It was all very innocent, but there was some sort of spark that existed between us. In the end, things never went any further than stolen glances and blushing, but the memory of that experience kinda stuck with me. It got me thinking about how romantic connections between two people, who can barely speak a word to one another, can undeniably exist. It's a pretty strange and confusing sensation when it happens, so I wrote what I believe to be is a spirited song about our brief and unrequited romance. The chorus refrain of "What could have been keeps playing with my heart" kinda sums up the feeling I was trying to recapture."