Praise announce new album, release "All In A Dream" video

Praise, the band made up of Andy Norton (Champion), Anthony Dye (Protester), Austin Stemper (Have Heart), Chris Bavaria (Mindset), and Daniel Fang (Turnstile), have announced a new album. The album is called All In A Dream and will be out May 6 via Revelation Records. The band have released a video for the title track that was directed by Robin Zeijlon. Praise released Leave It All Behind in 2016. Check out the video and tracklist below.

All In A Dream Tracklist

1. All In A Dream

2. Return To Life

3. Hotline To Memory

4. Suddenly Human

5. Peace Of Mine

6. Limited Sense Of Possibility

7. Eyes In The Dark

8. Life Unknown

9. Keep Hanging On