Punk icon Jordan has passed away
by In Memoriam

Punk icon Jordan, aka Pamela Rooke, has passed away. She was 66 and died after a battle with bile duct cancer. Her family released a statement that reads,

"She died peacefully a stone's throw away from the sea in her home town of Seaford, East Sussex in the company of her loving family at 9pm last night (Sunday 3 April) … after a short period of illness, she succumbed to a relatively rare form of cancer known as cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer). Jordan (Pamela Rooke) has left her mark on this planet, whether it be as 'The Queen of Punk', or for her veterinary work and countless prize winning cats. She lived life to the full and was true to herself and others throughout the whole of her life. She was totally trusted and respected by all those who knew her Jordan was a wonderful woman and will be remembered for countless decades to come."

Jordan worked with Vivienne Westwood and helped shape the look of British punk in the 70s along with Soo Catwoman and Siouxsie Sioux. She also managed Adam and The Ants (as well as singing on their song "Lou") and Wide Boy Awake. She went on to become a veterinary nurse and bred Burmese cats and released her autobiography Defying Gravity: Jordan's Story in 2019. We send out our condolences to Jordan's family, friends, and fans.