The Clash will re-release Combat Rock for the album's 40th anniversary. The new version includes b-sides, bonus tracks, and related releases on a second and third disc. The reissue also includes pictures by Pennie Smith and a "history of Frestonia" essay by Tom Vague. The release is out in May. You can see the track list below.

Combat Rock - SIDE A

Know Your Rights
Car Jamming
Should I Stay Or Should I Go
Rock The Casbah
Red Angel Dragnet
Straight To Hell

Combat Rock - SIDE B

Overpowered By Funk
Atom Tan
Sean Flynn
Ghetto Defendant
Inoculated City
Death Is A Star

The People’s Hall - SIDE A

Outside Bonds
Radio Clash
Futura 2000

The People’s Hall - SIDE B

First Night Back In London
Radio One - Mikey Dread
He Who Dares Or Is Tired*
Long Time Jerk
The Fulham Connection [aka The Beautiful People Are Ugly Too]

The People’s Hall - SIDE C

Midnight To Stevens
Sean Flynn
Idle In Kangaroo Court
Know Your Rights*