Ricky Gardiner guitarist for David Bowie and Iggy Pop has passed away
by In Memoriam

Ricky Gardiner, former guitarist for David Bowie and Iggy Pop, has passed away. He was 73. He had been battling a rare form of Parkinson's. His son Tom Gardiner released a statement on social media that reads in part,

"It's with great sadness and relief to announce the passing of my father Ricky Gardiner. Unfortunately he was suffering from a very rare form of Parkinson's known as PSP. Over the last 4 years I have been helping my mother in caring for him. It took every ounce of my energy body, mind, and soul to help attend to his every need. I have to be honest, I'm now completely exhausted. But much much wiser because of it. To know he was able to pass safely and peacefully at out family home was a huge comfort.
He was not only my dad, but my best friend and a huge inspiration. And I know it was the same for my sisters Annie and Lee, and my mother Virgina, and my nephews and nieces Jack, Harry, Izzy and Talula.

He may have been an inspiration to you too. In his professional life. He was a Guitarist, Composer, Musician. You can hear his work on Iggy Pops 'Lust for Life', and David Bowie's 'Low' Album. As well as his own band Beggars Opera who were signed to the famous Vertigo record label during the 70's.

After he finished touring he went on to write music for meditation. Including The Flood, Kumara, and his last work came in 2015's 'Songs For The Electric' which is a solo album. which really is beautiful

It was his spiritual side which really inspired and taught be so much. We would talk for hours and hours on end about the meaning of life, meditation, astrology you name it, it was always an open book.

He was also super funny and would make up comic nick names not only for me and my family, but alot of the time his friends too. A true piss taker, he taught me well btw…ha

Anyway, Dad If you can still here me, you've given me everything, and I can't thank you enough. See you on the otherside, where maybe we can catch a Jim Carrey film and have one last laugh together….

Take care my friend."

Iggy Pop also payed tribute writing,

"Dearest Ricky, lovely, lovely man, shirtless in your coveralls, nicest guy who ever played guitar. Thanks for the memories and the songs, rest eternal in peace."

Ricky Gardiner was self-taught and played on David Bowie's Low and Iggy Pop's Lust for Life. He playing can also be heard on Iggy Pop's live album TV Eye and compilation The Bowie Years. Ricky Gardiner also played in Beggar's Opera and released several solo albums. His last solo album was 2015's Songs For the Electric. We send our condolences to Ricky Gardiner's family, friends, and fans.