UK's Rebellion Festival started last week. Cro-Mags played over the weekend. Before their set, the band was walking around checking out vendors. One of the bandmembers stumbled on a vendor that was selling bootleg Cro-Mags merchandise. Right there and then, the band confiscated the unauthorized items. Said bootlegger did not put up much resistance. You can see the band's post below.

Bootlegging has been on the rise over the past years, due in part to technology that makes it easy for anyone to print merchandise. With bands making a fraction of money from physical music that they used to make, touring income and merch income has become increasingly important. Perhaps due to the decline in physical music sales (including bootleg records/CDs), bootlegged shirts and other merchandise has rapidly risen. It is difficult to gauge what percentage of band items sold worldwide are unauthorized, though some sources estimate that as much as 50 % of merch sales is of bootleg items.

Cro-Mags released 2020 in 2020.